How To Stop Any Baby From Crying In Seconds

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There’s one thing that all babies do okay not just one thing but one really annoying thing that plagues our listening ears they cry did you know that some newborns can actually cry up to two hours at a time sometimes even longer Oh babies tried to communicate hunger and fear tiredness shoot
Sometimes even just cry for fun thank you know I’m speaking from experience you know just trying to piss off the parents but there’s one man dr. Robert C Hamilton from Santa Monica California he explains how his hold on the baby can stop it from crying in just a matter of seconds in two separate scenarios dr.Hamilton picks up the crying baby by pulling the right arm close to the chest then the left arm across the chest as he gently holds the arms and the bottom and begins to rock the baby dr. Hamilton suggests that you hold a baby at a 45° angle just to prevent the head from tilting backwards and the baby should be held with the fleshy part of your dominant hand not with your fingertips.
So in my case it’s the right han because it just dominates the left yeah and you don’t want to be dropping the baby like get a firm grip there and the fingertips on your other hand should be used to hold up the baby’s chin to support the head generally by doing this hold on the baby it will stop crying so parents take note however the baby doesn’t stop crying in a matter of seconds there could be two things wrong with it either the baby is sick or just very very very tired so there you have it there’s your FDD fast facts thank you so much for tuning in remember to subscribe to stay up to date each and
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