How Building Muscle Actually Works

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how muscle gets put on your body how it builds
In order to understand how a muscle grows and how a muscle works we got to understand what is a muscle it’s a pronounced muscle or is it pronounced muscle I don’t know actually a muscle is made up of long fibers which are called fascicles now inside these fibers are little tiny strands called myofibril is a basic rod like unit of muscle cell muscle fibers are composed of tubular cells called myocytes known as muscle fibers in a straighted muscle and these cells in turn contain many chains of myofibrils so what happens is when you are working out something.
Interesting happens to your body what you are actually doing is ripping your muscle well that’s your full muscle but those little tiny fibrils and that’s why after a serious workout you’re like oh so much pain because not only is amino acid going through your body but your body is in serious serious repair MO and once your immune system goes in a repair mode it’s going to need a lot of protein.
In order for it to build and adapt this is because protein helps multiply muscle stem cells and these cells are the ones that surround your myofibrils and the reason you need protein is because your fibrils are trying to adapt to the new weight that you are current lifting for example you need to have at least one gram of protein for every pound of muscle mass each day keep in mind when you are working out they always say a very balanced diet is necessary so for some of you guys that may be trying to lose the pounds and get the weight you might want to take it back on the McDonald’s and as you get bigger you have to keep in mind that you are only going to the gym one to two hours a day and one meal can totally ruin your workout to put it simply once you consume something with a lot of protein so say like a piece of chicken it’s got to go in your system digest and go to your bloodstream which in turn goes to your muscle fibers so for all you guys that want to have good muscles like these you’re gonna have to have 10% body fat so that means you’re gonna have to diet well so the name of the game is exercise a lot eat well eat protein and stay away from stuff like sugar so guys that’s it for me I want to know from all you guys out there in the real world.

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