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Saffron and Its Testing

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hello yours today I’m going to show how the saffron purity check so I got three saffron’s here one is one which I bought
from the local store, it’s a Srinagar Kashmir Marvel selected.Saffron the other one is also a Kashmir one it’s the mth caser and the third one is Novi in saffron that is from Iran so you can see these little bit of strands of three different saffron’s so this looks a bit dried and the chaser Best Saffron brand in India and Nobby and saffron that both look similar so let’s have a chick with this by adding a little bit of water
It should be  a cold water nothing is happening here so as to this the first one nothing it happening nope no color change but for the second one yeah I can see color change and it is bright yellow the third one yeah that is also bright yellow

okay so this is after ten minutes see we can see there is kind of reddish or a brownish color change in this and the Strand is getting whiter that means this is low quality and it is not at all a saffron yeah so you can see the color change here so the second one the mth Kasler The Strand is floating the Strand is still reddish but it gives a color to the water that is bright yellow that means it’s a good qualit and yeah it’s a good one where the third one the nouvion saffron

It’s also similar it’s floating the Strand is still red and the color is color of water is bright yellow so when I bought this one I caught a certificate for everything like certification for the saffron its product quality so this is they are giving a hundred percent guarantee for this one and I didn’t get
any reality for this but I still it’s from Kashmir and they have given an assurance that it’s the real one so finally I came to know that or her final
result is this both are very good quality one is from Kashmir and one is from Iran whereas the last one I found that this is not at all at saffron by
giving a false aroma it’s a smell similar to sandalwood note like a
saffron but these two keys aroma and flavor as well yeah that’s it thank you

How To Stop Any Baby From Crying In Seconds

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There’s one thing that all babies do okay not just one thing but one really annoying thing that plagues our listening ears they cry did you know that some newborns can actually cry up to two hours at a time sometimes even longer Oh babies tried to communicate hunger and fear tiredness shoot
Sometimes even just cry for fun thank you know I’m speaking from experience you know just trying to piss off the parents but there’s one man dr. Robert C Hamilton from Santa Monica California he explains how his hold on the baby can stop it from crying in just a matter of seconds in two separate scenarios dr.Hamilton picks up the crying baby by pulling the right arm close to the chest then the left arm across the chest as he gently holds the arms and the bottom and begins to rock the baby dr. Hamilton suggests that you hold a baby at a 45° angle just to prevent the head from tilting backwards and the baby should be held with the fleshy part of your dominant hand not with your fingertips.
So in my case it’s the right han because it just dominates the left yeah and you don’t want to be dropping the baby like get a firm grip there and the fingertips on your other hand should be used to hold up the baby’s chin to support the head generally by doing this hold on the baby it will stop crying so parents take note however the baby doesn’t stop crying in a matter of seconds there could be two things wrong with it either the baby is sick or just very very very tired so there you have it there’s your FDD fast facts thank you so much for tuning in remember to subscribe to stay up to date each and
every single week with facts I’ll make.

How Building Muscle Actually Works

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how muscle gets put on your body how it builds
In order to understand how a muscle grows and how a muscle works we got to understand what is a muscle it’s a pronounced muscle or is it pronounced muscle I don’t know actually a muscle is made up of long fibers which are called fascicles now inside these fibers are little tiny strands called myofibril is a basic rod like unit of muscle cell muscle fibers are composed of tubular cells called myocytes known as muscle fibers in a straighted muscle and these cells in turn contain many chains of myofibrils so what happens is when you are working out something.
Interesting happens to your body what you are actually doing is ripping your muscle well that’s your full muscle but those little tiny fibrils and that’s why after a serious workout you’re like oh so much pain because not only is amino acid going through your body but your body is in serious serious repair MO and once your immune system goes in a repair mode it’s going to need a lot of protein.
In order for it to build and adapt this is because protein helps multiply muscle stem cells and these cells are the ones that surround your myofibrils and the reason you need protein is because your fibrils are trying to adapt to the new weight that you are current lifting for example you need to have at least one gram of protein for every pound of muscle mass each day keep in mind when you are working out they always say a very balanced diet is necessary so for some of you guys that may be trying to lose the pounds and get the weight you might want to take it back on the McDonald’s and as you get bigger you have to keep in mind that you are only going to the gym one to two hours a day and one meal can totally ruin your workout to put it simply once you consume something with a lot of protein so say like a piece of chicken it’s got to go in your system digest and go to your bloodstream which in turn goes to your muscle fibers so for all you guys that want to have good muscles like these you’re gonna have to have 10% body fat so that means you’re gonna have to diet well so the name of the game is exercise a lot eat well eat protein and stay away from stuff like sugar so guys that’s it for me I want to know from all you guys out there in the real world.